Digitally Mediated Teaching & Learning

Before taking this class, I was not a savvy user of digital media. I only just learned to use Facebook a few years ago and have recently gotten comfortable with it. When I started this class, I signed up for Twitter, Tumblr, and a few other digital media sites that I hicon-set-1175041_960_720ad never used before. I have since been playing with these tools, trying to acclimate myself to the new digital landscape, and I have found that I am actually enjoying how useful they can be. The readings assigned in this class have brought up issues that I had not considered. I had not given any thought to the way in which a professional could use digital media to promote themselves and further their career. I had not thought about how important it is to maintain a professional and positive online presence. Digital identity was not on my radar, but it is now. I am now more cognizant of how I portray myself online and find myself regulating the content that I post. This class has helped me to become a more modern professional that focuses on how digital media can be of use in propelling my career into the direction I want it to be heading.

Blogging was never something I felt comfortable with. I never education-381909_960_720considered blogging to be something I would ever do and could not see the utility in it. The research that I have done in this class on how blogging is used to enhance the learning experience and how it improves the learning process has really changed my opinion on its
usefulness in the classroom. Blogging allows students to demonstrate what they know, it allows them to be creative and make the learning process fun, and it allows them the flexibility to personalize their learning experience. Blogging really is the classroom tool of the future.


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